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About Theatre for Young Spectators, Khabarovsk

Theatre for Young Spectators was opened 11 June 1944. The first production was ‘The Siege of Leyden’, based on I.Shtock.

The theater educates and makes the young audience happy for more than 75 years. During this time the Theatre performed approximately 400 shows by contemporary playwrights, both Russian and foreign classics.

At different times various directors produced a range of shows in the theater, including directors such us: A. Kalinin, N. Noskov, A. Nikitin, A. Baltrushaitis, V. Demin, V. Shavrin, A. Rybakov, F. Berman, S. Tayushev, A. Shelygin, B. Sorvin, V. Parshukov, V. Gogolkov, N. Ferentseva.

The creative staff of the theatre contains a unique combination of experience and young initiative. The team of the theatre is a team of like-minded people, gifted and passionate about their profession.

In November 2010, the theater’s production ‘Little Kid’ was nominated for the most prestigious national theatre award the "Golden Mask".

In December 2010 the producer's group (K. Kuchikin, N. Ferentseva, A. Nepomnyashchii, O. Kozorez, A. Novikov (posthumously) of the production ‘Fairytale about the Golden Cockerel’ by A. Pushkin was awarded Russian Government Prize in the field of culture.

The repertoire of our theater includes I. Chernyshev ‘About the Puss in Boots’, A. Pushkin ‘The Seven Knights’, ‘The Golden Cockerel’, E. Schwarz ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, Y. Mikhailov ‘The Tale of the immortal, King Agey and three Ivans, Y. Kim," The Nutcracker, or nut Krakatuk, P. Finn ‘Masha and Vitya against the ‘Wild Guitars’’, Y. Kim ‘Country of brats’ M. Bartenev, ‘Knock-knock! Who's there? or wood love story’, V. Olshansky ’Tinder Box’, performances for adults: ’Valentin and Valentina’ M. Roshchin, ‘Hedda Gabler’ G. Ibsen, A. Volodin ‘Do not part with your beloved’, W. Sigarev ‘Black milk’, M. Ivaškevičius ‘Little Kid’, A. Chervinsky ‘Tic-Tac-Toe’.

Artistic director
Konstantin Kuchikin, kuchikink@mail.ru

Administrative director
Anna Yakunina, yakuninaaa@mail.ru

The literary drama director
Anna Shavgarova, shavgarova@mail.ru